Were you looking for Sky's sibling, Sami the Wolf?

Sky is one of the seven used antagonists in the game. She is the lead singer and manufacturer of the band.

Apperence Edit

Sky the Wolf is a light blue colored wolf with giant neon green eyes, freckles and fangs (like her brother Sami) and a pink bow on her chest. She has a very light blue chest, snout, and inside her ears. She also appears to have a small tall that has a segment in the middle of it.

Behavior Edit

Since the map and office is not confirmed, there is no exact path. But Sky may and will probably wander around the left side of the player (even though there was going to be an open space that was led from the hall.) Sky is also supposed to be uneffected by whatever the mechanic will be, so the player will have to shine their flashlight until she leaves (similar to Withered Foxy from FNAF 2.)

Trivia Edit

  • Sky is heavally inspired by Candy the Cat (FNAC), Foxy , and Toy Bonnie (FNAF)
  • Alike from Sami, Michelle, and Jay, she was created on Easter 2017.
  • She is one of the two main antagonists, the other being the Monster.
  • Sky is one of the three animatronics that have visible fangs. The other two are Sami and Scratch.
  • Sky was originally going to be named "Ski" but pronounced "Sky" but this was soon scrapped due to the worry of people mispronuncing the name and arguing about it.

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