Perhaps you were looking for his sibling, Sky the Wolf?

Sami is one of the seven antagonists of the game. He is the drummer of the band.

Apperence Edit

Sami is a red colored wolf that looks very similar to Sky, but with a bigger chest, pink fill ins, and yellow eyes. He has cuffs on his hands; it has a fake ruby with fake golden linin.

Behavior Edit

Although the map is unconfirmed, Sami was supposed to wander around the left side of the building until he reaches the player. Once he is there, the player will have to use t/m to ward him off.

Trivia Edit

  • SamI was indeed created to be Sky's twin. In the earlier concept, his concept is an edited duplicate of Sky's
  • Sami was created on Easter Day
  • Sami is a real name. Here is proof.
  • With later expection, Sami is also a name of a tribe.
  • He is one of the three characters that have visible fangs. The others being Sky and Scratch.

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