In the game Five Nights With Sky, there are seven antagonists.


According to PlushieFangirl, all of the character (excluding the Monster and Mika) were either performers for the Sky and Friend's Pizza Band or had their own side show, but they were also used for technical reasons. These include:

  • Repairs: If an animatronic was shut down, broken, or even miswired during showtime, the representative shows would close and would be fixed backstage.
  • Tasks: If one of the few employees had issues or hard tasks to complet, the animatronic (corespondently) would help. Each animatrotronic had some sort of ability. Those are listed below.

Each of the animatronics were suposed to be free-roam animatronics,but When the search happene, the company didn't want to have any hurt customer or loss of profit. Phone Gurl states on Night 1 that the power sets of magnets beneath the floor. This leads to all of the animatronics to stop when you turn on the flashlight while using the monitor (however, you have limited power, so you can't do this the keep them busy all night)

Trivia Edit

  • Only Mika and Monster aren't performer, while all the characters are (exluding humans)
  • There was an intention of four animatronics: Sky, Sami, Michelle, and Jay. Just the four didn't have a good impact on the story nor gameplay, so Scratch, Mika, and Monster were added
  • In fact, those four animatronics weren't supposed to be technichians but would mess with the wiring
  • PlushieFangirl intends to make a Blake the Badger Easter Egg for the game, as the animatronic's role is similar to his. Blake is an antagonist in POPGOES (click here to go to his Wiki page)

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